The Monday Post: Links for Readers and Writers

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I am *continuing a series (inspired by Electric Literature) where I post important links for writers and readers on Mondays. They may be old links or new links, but they’ll be ones that I find the most interesting or helpful. I’m also adding a few new categories. If there are any particular topics you’d like to read about, please feel free to suggest them in a comment on this post.

*AUTHOR NOTE: Readers I would love to hear feedback. Do you enjoy reading a certain type of article? What were some of your favorite featured works? Do you have a creative piece you’d like to see featured (email me, must be in a literary journal, must not be your own work, genre must be evident)?

Man in Hole: Turning novels’ plots into data points.” via The Daily

Why Americans Don’t Read Foreign Fiction” via The Daily Beast

Why Authors Walk Away From Good, Big 5 Publishers” via Jane Friedman

Women Writers and Guilt: We Have to Learn to Let It Go” via Women Writers, Women, Books

C.S. Lewis on True Friendship” via Brain Pickings

No Room of One’s Own” via Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog

041: Creating in Chaos: Making Art Amidst a Mess [Podcast]” via Goins, Writer

S.L. Huang: On the Subject of Unlikable Women Protagonists” via terribleminds

SFWA Allows Self-Published Authors” via Locus Online

Girl Canon: 50 Essential Books About the Female Experience” via Flavorwire

Three Decisions to Make about Viewpoint in Fiction” via Fiction Southeast

Featured Writings:


Trotskyist Christmas” by Daniel Howell

On Forgiving” by Leslie Jill Patterson (pages 7-12)


The Blue Horse” by Dane Cervine

Mimesis” by Laura Haynes


Crazy” by Stephen Dixon

Taking Comfort” by Bill Cook


The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

Literary Magazines and Journals:

Popshot Magazine

Ninth Letter

Previous Posts on Mondays to do with Readings and Writings:


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