The Monday Post: Links for Readers and Writers

Copyright L. N. Holmes, truck, old, black and white photography, J. K. Rowling, quote
Copyright L. N. Holmes

I am continuing a series (inspired by Electric Literature) where I post important links for writers and readers on Mondays. They may be old links or new links, but they’ll be ones that I find the most interesting or helpful. If there are any particular topics you’d like to read about, please feel free to suggest them in a comment on this post.

Unhappy in Their Own Ways” an infographic of somber Russian literature via The New York Times


Literary Tourism: Lowcountry Literary Roadtrip” via Book Riot

‘Voice’ Isn’t the Point of Writing” via The Atlantic

Early Shakespeare manuscript discovered in France” via Melville House

NaNoWriMo: So, What Did We Actually Write in November?” via Flavorwire

The Power of Journaling” via Writer’s Digest

Inspiration for Writers – Take It Outside” via Creative Writing Now

Acknowledgements and Author’s Note” via M. Reed McCall, Author

Five Fascinating Facts about C. S. Lewis” via Interesting Literature

Round-Down: The High Sales vs. High Quality Debate” via the Ploughshares blog

Featured Writings:


Sarah Weinman: “The Real Lolita

Carol Fisher Saller: “The Correctors


Maria Hummer: “He Took Off His Skin for Me

Kate Folk: “Last First Date


Brigit Pegeen Kelly: “The Dragon

Chelsei Crotteau: “Visitor


Emily Ramser: Toast Is Just Bread That Put Up A Fight

Haruki Murakami: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Previous Posts on Mondays to do with Readings and Writings:


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