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I'm a writer because I have stage fright.


Author Note: To avoid any confusion, please let it be known that I have published work under my maiden name (LeeAnn Holmes), my pen name (L. N. Holmes), and my married name (LeeAnn Adams).

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Short Creative Works:

“One Woman’s Junk”
Type: flash fiction
Publisher: Newfound.org
Date: forthcoming (March 21, 2017)
Read: online edition

“Force Play”
Type: flash fiction
Publisher: Obra
Date: January 2017
Read: digital edition

“War Song”
Type: poem
Publisher: STARK (a poetry journal by l’Aleph)

Date: August 2016
Read: print edition
Awards: long listed for the Wisehouse International Poetry Award 2016

Type: flash fiction
Publisher: Vestal Review

Date: July 2016
Read: print edition, online edition

Type: flash fiction
Publisher: Dually Noted (a division of Tethered by Letters)
Date: July 18, 2016
Read: online

“When Continents Collide”
Type: short story

Publisher: F(r)iction (a division of Tethered by Letters), The Other Stories
Date: September 21, 2015 (F(r)iction), January 6, 2016 (TOS) 
Read: print edition, digital edition, audio edition

“Cincinnati Men”
Type: flash fiction

Publisher: Incunabula, Good Morning
Date: Spring 2012 (Incunabula), November 1, 2015 (Good Morning)
Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library, digital edition, print edition

“A Death in the Family,” “Old Betsy’s Obituary”
Type: creative nonfiction
Publisher: Incunabula, Garbanzo Literary Journal
Date: Spring 2013 (Incunabula), May 2, 2015 (GBL)
Read:  at Salem College’s Gramley Libraryprint edition
Awards: N.C.M.A. Statewide College Media Award, First Place for Nonfiction in a Literary Magazine (2013)

“Presents of Pajamas”
Type: creative nonfiction

Publisher: Germ Magazine
Date: December 23, 2014
Read: online

“How to Love Again”
Type: poem
Publisher:  IncunabulaGerm Magazine
Date: Spring 2012 (Incunabula), November 17, 2014 (GM)

Read:  at Salem College’s Gramley Libraryonline
Awards: Katherine B. Rondthaler Award for Poetry (2012)

“Unintentional Nudist”
Type: poem
Publisher: Incunabula
Date: Spring 2013
Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library

Type: short story
Publisher: Incunabula
Date: Spring 2013
Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library

“Orphans of the War”
Type: novel excerpt
Publisher: Incunabula
Date: Spring 2012
Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library

Magazine Articles:

Germ Magazine:
• “The Spirit of Salem College: A Glimpse into the Oldest Women’s College in the Nation
• “Slavery, Environmental Stability, and Poverty: A Conscious Consumer’s Look at Fair Trade

• “What the ‘Dragon Age’ Series Can Teach Us about Religion
• “The Flower and Willow World: Recognizing Historical and Modern Geisha
The Benefits of Backyard Gardening
• “Real, Fantastic: An Examination of Magical Elements in Two Books
• ALL ARTICLES at Germ Magazine including the ongoing women’s college series and the ongoing women writers series.

Salt Magazine:
• “Life on the farm at Young’s Jersey Dairy
• “A visit to the past” (I took some of the photographs)

Newspaper Articles:

Wilmington News Journal (no longer available online, these and additional stories I’ve worked on are available in the archives):
A feature on Tyler Viars, MasterChef competitor
Coverage of the 2014 Wilmington College Food Symposium
Post coverage of the annual Walk for Life event
Coverage of a new Well Armed Woman chapter
Coverage of Books ‘N’ More promoting literacy for World Book Night

Blog Posts/Book Reviews:

Free stories, poems, and articles at A Vase of Wildflowers

Blue River Blog:
Articulating Agony: The Writer as Antihero

Teen Librarian Toolbox (School Library Journal):
Dark Shadows in a Glittering Metropolis: Magic and Religion in Jaclyn Dolamore’s Dark Metropolis Series

Carnival, a Global Celebration

Book Review: All the Birds in the Sky—Charlie Jane Anders
Book Review: The Gloaming—Melanie Finn
Literary Journal Review: Conjunctions: 67, Other Aliens

Change Seven Magazine:
10 Novels That Made 2016 More Bearable


Interviews at A Vase of Wildflowers

Change Seven Magazine:
Naturally Political: An Interview with Ann Pancake
(And a forthcoming interview with Roger May)

Tethered By Letters Author Q&A Series:
Molly Rose Quinn
Tyler Barton

Blue River:
When the Lights Go Out: An Interview with Chloe Livaudais
On Crossing the Canadian Border: An Interview with Casey Whitworth
(And a forthcoming interview with Wynter S. K.)



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