Short Work

Flash Fiction

Laurel Magazine (forthcoming): Overabundance

The Bookends Review (forthcoming): Abdication

Laurel Magazine (January 24, 2018): Disembodied

Varnish Journal (January 13, 2018): Predator

Allegory Ridge (August 16, 2017): Independence Day

Newfound (March 21, 2017): One Woman’s Junk

Obra (January 2017): Forceplay

Vestal Review (July 2016): Trace [print] or [online]

Dually Noted (July 18, 2016): Spacefall

Incunabula, Good Morning (Spring 2012/November 1, 2015): Cincinnati Men [print] or [online]

Short Stories

F(r)iction, The Other Stories (September 21, 2015/January 6, 2016): When Continents Collide [print] or [digital] or [audio]

Incunabula (Spring 2013): Vibrant

Creative Nonfiction

Incunabula, Garbanzo Literary Journal (Spring 2013/May 2, 2015): *A Death in the Family/Old Betsy’s Obituary

GERM Magazine (December 23, 2014): Presents of Pajamas


STARK (August 2016): **War Song

Incunabula, GERM Magazine (Spring 2012/November 17, 2014): ***How to Love Again

Incunabula (Spring 2013): Unintentional Nudist

Magazine Articles

GERM Magazine:

Salt Magazine:

Newspaper Articles

Wilmington News Journalno longer available online, my reporting can be found in the archives, under my maiden name.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

Blue River Blog:

Teen Librarian Toolbox (School Library Journal):



Change Seven Magazine:


Change Seven Magazine:

Tethered By Letters Author Q&A Series:

Blue River:





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