Short Work

Flash Fiction

Newfound, Volume 8, Other Worlds, literary journal, online, flash fiction
Cover art by Bethany Johnson

One Woman’s Junk
Publisher: Newfound
Date: March 21, 2017
Read: web edition

Obra, Artifcat, MFA of the Americas, Force Play, L. N. Holmes, flash fiction

Cover photo art from and manipulation by Rebecca Renner

Force Play
Publisher: Obra
Date: January 2017
Read: digital edition

Vestal Review, print, 47, online, 49, Trace, L. N. Holmes, literary journal, flash fiction

Cover art by Dmitry Borshch

Publisher: Vestal Review

Date: July 2016
Read: print edition (Issue 47), online edition (Issue 49)

Dually Noted, group writing, project, Spacefall, L. N. Holmes, flash fiction

Graphic from the Tethered by Letters website

Publisher: Dually Noted (a division of Tethered by Letters)
Date: July 18, 2016
Read: online

Incunabula, Cincinnati Men, flash fiction, Spring, 2012

Cover art by Taylor Hayes

Good Morning, Volume 4, Issue 1, Cincinnati Men, flash fiction, L. N. Holmes

Cover art by Ava Dawn Heydt

Cincinnati Men
Type: flash fiction

Publisher: IncunabulaGood Morning
Date: Spring 2012 (Incunabula), November 1, 2015 (Good Morning)
Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Libraryonline edition, print edition (Vol. 4, Issue 1)

Short Stories

F(r)iction #2, Tethered by Letters, When Continents Collide, L. N. Holmes, short story

Cover art by Ian Hinley

When Continents Collide
Publisher: F(r)iction (a division of Tethered by Letters), The Other Stories
Date: September 21, 2015 (F(r)iction), January 6, 2016 (TOS)
Read: print edition (sold out)digital editionaudio

Incunabula, literary journal, L. N. Holmes, Vibrant, short story

Cover art by LeeAnn Holmes

Publisher: Incunabula
Date: Spring 2013

Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library

Creative Nonfiction

Garbanzo Literary Journal, Volume 5, creative nonfiction, A Death in the Family, Old Betsy's Obituary

Cover art by Ava Dawn Heydt

A Death in the Family/Old Betsy’s Obituary
Publisher: Incunabula, Garbanzo Literary Journal
Date: Spring 2013 (Incunabula), May 2, 2015 (GBL)
Read:  at Salem College’s Gramley Libraryprint edition
Awards: N.C.M.A. Statewide College Media Award, First Place for Nonfiction in a Literary Magazine (2013)

Germ Magazine Small

Logo from the Germ Magazine website

Presents of Pajamas
Publisher: Germ Magazine
Date: December 23, 2014
Read: online


STARK, poetry journal, L. N. Holmes, poetry, War Song, poem, long list

Photo of cover from l’Aleph website (art by an associated artist)

War Song
Publisher: STARK (a poetry journal by l’Aleph)
Date: August 2016
Read: print edition
Awards: long listed for the Wisehouse International Poetry Award 2016

Incunabula, Cincinnati Men, flash fiction, Spring, 2012

Cover art by Taylor Hayes

Germ Magazine Small

Logo from the Germ Magazine website

How to Love Again
Publisher:  IncunabulaGerm Magazine
Date: Spring 2012 (Incunabula), November 17, 2014 (GM)

Read:  at Salem College’s Gramley Libraryonline
Awards: Katherine B. Rondthaler Award for Poetry (2012)

Incunabula, literary journal, L. N. Holmes, Vibrant, short story

Cover art by LeeAnn Holmes

“Unintentional Nudist”
Publisher: Incunabula
Date: Spring 2013

Read: at Salem College’s Gramley Library

Magazine Articles

Germ Magazine:
• “The Spirit of Salem College: A Glimpse into the Oldest Women’s College in the Nation
• “Slavery, Environmental Stability, and Poverty: A Conscious Consumer’s Look at Fair Trade

• “What the ‘Dragon Age’ Series Can Teach Us about Religion
• “The Flower and Willow World: Recognizing Historical and Modern Geisha
The Benefits of Backyard Gardening
• “Real, Fantastic: An Examination of Magical Elements in Two Books
• ALL ARTICLES at Germ Magazine including the ongoing women’s college series and the ongoing women writers series.

Salt Magazine:
• “Life on the farm at Young’s Jersey Dairy
• “A visit to the past” (I took some of the photographs)

Newspaper Articles

Wilmington News Journal (no longer available online, these and additional stories I’ve worked on are available in the archives):
A feature on Tyler Viars, MasterChef competitor
Coverage of the 2014 Wilmington College Food Symposium
Post coverage of the annual Walk for Life event
Coverage of a new Well Armed Woman chapter
Coverage of Books ‘N’ More promoting literacy for World Book Night

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

Free stories, poems, and articles at A Vase of Wildflowers

Blue River Blog:
Articulating Agony: The Writer as Antihero

Teen Librarian Toolbox (School Library Journal):
Dark Shadows in a Glittering Metropolis: Magic and Religion in Jaclyn Dolamore’s Dark Metropolis Series

Carnival, a Global Celebration

Book Review: All the Birds in the Sky—Charlie Jane Anders
Book Review: The Gloaming—Melanie Finn
Literary Journal Review: Conjunctions: 67, Other Aliens

Change Seven Magazine:
10 Novels That Made 2016 More Bearable


Interviews at A Vase of Wildflowers

Change Seven Magazine:
Naturally Political: An Interview with Ann Pancake

Tethered By Letters Author Q&A Series:
Molly Rose Quinn
Tyler Barton

Blue River:
Wynter Returns: A Chat with Meredith Spears on Writing Her Newest Novel
When the Lights Go Out: An Interview with Chloe Livaudais
On Crossing the Canadian Border: An Interview with Casey Whitworth




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