Update: Life is Crazy and Fantastic

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So I’ve been REALLY busy these last couple of months, as you may have been able to tell by the lack of posts to my blog. I’m still going to post reviews, opinions, etc., but I wanted to give some explanation as to my recent absence.

All of the things that have been keeping me busy are wonderful.

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My Latest Publication: ‘How to Love Again’ in GERM magazine

L. N. Holmes, Nicole Gentles, author photo, How to Love Again, poetry, poem, GERM magazine
L. N. Holmes (Photo by Nicole Gentles)

[Photo by Nicole Gentles]

Here is the newest update of my personal progress as a professional writer.

GERM magazine is a bright place, full of wonderful people, places, and things. Along with articles on love, life, style, inner and outer beauty tips, and other topics, GERM magazine has a literary section. As soon as I saw the lovely work of other writers that was featured, I knew I wanted to be a part of this gorgeous publication.

As I saw they accepted previously published work (if the author has the rights) I offered my poem “How to Love Again,” which was originally published in Incunabula and won the Katherine B. Rondthaler Award for Poetry in 2012. To my great relief and delight, they accepted it.

You can find the poem here:

“How to Love Again” by L. N. Holmes

Please feel free to read, review, and share with others. Thanks for your support in advance. Even Jennifer Niven, founder and editor-in-chief of GERM magazine, recommends it:



I hope you enjoy it!

Early Career Publications


From left: Me, Shelby Wilson (co-editor of Incunabula), Professor Aimee Mepham (advisor for Incunabula)

It wasn’t until my junior year of college that my work was published for the first time. I remember receiving the notification that three of my pieces had been accepted into the Salem College art magazine, Incunabula. Despite the respect Incunabula has garnered within the Salem community and beyond, I knew my publication would be considered a small step. This did not deter my excitement. For the first time, my writing would be in print and would be read by followers of the magazine. It was an honor and I knew it would lead to bigger and better things.

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