Artist Interview: Chuck Marshall

Chuck Marshall, oil painter, artist

Copyright Chuck Marshall

L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
Chuck Marshall: “Umm, Wilmington Ohio.”

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
Chuck Marshall: “Artist / Oil Painter”

Chuck Marshall, still life painting

Copyright Chuck Marshall

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Artist Interview: Mark Marshall


Mark Marshall/Copyright Mark Marshall Photography

As an attempt to support other artists — of any type — I will occasionally post some interviews of people who work in a particular artistic vocation. These interviews allow for a closer look into different artists’ lives and raises awareness for their talents. The first artist in this series is Mark Marshall, a professional photographer.

L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
Mark Marshall: “Wherever I live. Okay, originally Wilmington, Ohio. To be even more specific, it was a wide spot in the road named New Antioch, Ohio.”

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
Mark Marshall: “My chosen artistic profession is photography and I generally do landscapes/ cityscapes but I also use the images I get to blend with scripture, poems, personal writings and quotes to express my views and outlooks on life.”

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