SPACE, COLLISIONS Available for Print Pre-Order!

The print version of Space, Collisions is now available for pre-order! If you like brief stories, then this is the collection for you. The micro-chapbook will be 6″ x 9″ with saddle stitch binding. 

Advanced praise:

“Three perfectly paced and elegantly written stories that leave the reader breathless and pensive at once.” —Meredith Allison, author of Blood & Whiskey

“L. N. Holmes has a talented pen and a great imagination. . . .” —Renwick Berchild, Nothing In Particular Book Review


Space, Collisions is a micro-chapbook containing three brief stories. In “When Continents Collide,” a man waits on the shores of the Outer Banks for the collision of the North American and African continents. “Trace” focuses on the intimate secrets shared between one pining woman and her self-destructing lover. In “Spacefall,” two scientists take a break from work to drive to the countryside and bask in their friendship. Each installment in this short collection offers motifs of physical distance and intimate connection. Overall, the stories emphasize the common longing to overcome the space that divides.

Print options:

The micro-chapbook will be on sale September 19, 2018 with pre-orders available now. *Personalized messages are an option. A single copy of the micro-chapbook is **$3.99.

Individuals, booksellers, general retailers, and other interested parties may submit orders to LeeAnn Adams (leeann [dot] n [dot] holmes [at] gmail [dot] com). Please include in your email the quantity of micro-chapbooks desired, any preferred ***printing and shipping methods, shipping address, PayPal address, and any personalization requests. Invoices will be processed through PayPal. Wholesale discounts are available through IngramSpark Distributors (ISBN: 9780692165065).

Ebook options:

Digital micro-chapbooks are still available through Ghost City Press.

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Wow, what a mouthful! The Review Review is an amazing organization that rates and reviews literary journals and magazines. They also provide many other helpful resources for writers.

After F(r)iction #2 came out, David Morgan O’Connor wrote a review of the issue. My short story, “When Continents Collide,” was published in F(r)iction #2, so I was pretty excited to see the high rating for the journal. Because David did such a good job with the review, I’m posting it again on my blog for those interested in reading it.

Here is an excerpt:

This is the type of writing that needs to be published and is probably too truthful for commercial journals. Well done, brave editors, brave writer.

The Other Stories is an excellent podcast featuring many emerging writers. Writers read their stories while original music—created to pair with their writing—plays in the background. An interview with successful author Ilana Masad—who founded the podcast and acts as the host—follows.

After the release of F(r)iction #2, I was interviewed by Ilana for The Other Stories podcast. I read and talked about my short story, “When Continents Collide.” I was super nervous and it showed quite often in the interview, but it was still really fun, and Ilana was (and continues to be) exceptionally nice. I also talked about my faith, which was really hard for me to do. Christianity and religion are difficult topics to discuss openly in the literary world.

I hope you’ll listen to my story! Make sure to check out the other work on the podcast too. Even better—subscribe and support Ilana and her crew! As always, thanks for reading (and in this case, listening).

Book Review: The Cure for Dreaming

The Cure for Dreaming, review by L. N. Holmes, YA, feminist, fiction, magical realism, Book copyright Cat Winters
Book copyright Cat Winters

Olivia lives with her controlling father after her mother abandoned them to pursue her passions and dreams. On Olivia’s birthday she goes to see the show of a hypnotist and ends up being hypnotized herself. Others take notice of her susceptibility to persuasion. Her father hires the hypnotist to “cure” Olivia’s dreams and independent nature so that she will not leave him too. The hypnotist obliges but gives her a frightening ability instead — to see the world as it truly is for men and women. While frightening monsters take the place of people she has always known, an even curiouser occurrence takes place. Hired to strip her of her freedom, Olivia’s new vision does not reveal the hypnotist to be a monster.

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The Genre Debate and Why it (Does)n’t Matter

Legend, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, California, Black Moon, Station Eleven, novel, book, novels, books, dystopian
Copyright L. N. Holmes (LeeAnn Adams)

Many have heard of the genre versus literary fiction debate. It’s old news — not even news. So why should we still be interested in it?

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Flash Fiction, Magical Realism, Sci-Fi, Lit Mags?

While researching literary magazines to submit my work to, I’ve run into a snag. As expected, most of these publications have different submission guidelines. What I didn’t expect was how few of these took anything outside of literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Some of my work does qualify for this — but not the majority.

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NaNoWriMo Prep: Here We Go

Copyright LeeAnn (Holmes) Adams and L. N. Holmes
Copyright LeeAnn (Holmes) Adams and L. N. Holmes

For those who are unaware of one of the writing world’s greatest writing challenges, NaNoWriMo is the abbreviated nickname for National Novel Writing Month. The nonprofit started in 1999 and has been going strong ever since. NaNoWriMo is a challenge to the industry professional and the average Joe alike. For the entire month of November, the participant must write until they reach 50,000 words — roughly novel length. Those that reach this goal are “winners.”

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