The Genre Debate and Why it (Does)n’t Matter

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Copyright L. N. Holmes (LeeAnn Adams)

Many have heard of the genre versus literary fiction debate. It’s old news — not even news. So why should we still be interested in it?

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Artist Interview: John Carenen

Copyright John Carenen

John Carenen
Copyright John Carenen


L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
John Carenen: “My home town is Clinton, Iowa, an old Mississippi River town and the birthplace of Lillian Russell, the first sex symbol in the movies.”

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
John Carenen: “My artistic expression is words, fictional, novel-length.”

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Book Review: California

Copyright LeeAnn (Holmes) Adams and L. N. Holmes

In the future, California has been decimated by extreme climate change. Parts of the United States are uninhabitable and resources are scarce. The government has slowly lost control, and people do whatever it takes to survive. Some cling to the old ways of life, trying to live in ransacked and looted cities, in denial of the dangers around them. Others, like Cal and Frieda, take their chances in the wilderness.

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