Judging for the 2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry

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I’m grateful to Marc and Ava (Mr & Mrs Garbanzo) for a great many things. They were the ones who allowed my writing to appear in Garbanzo Literary Journal and then again in Good Morning. So when they asked me to help judge the 2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry, I felt honored.

When I received the poetry packet, however, I found the task to be rather difficult.

I had stumbled upon a pool of talented poets and now had the monumental task of voting for the entry that seemed to “deserve” the prize. I read each poem carefully—studying each word, each punctuation mark, each space, each sensory detail, etc. I was very impressed with the entries. After much painstaking effort and consideration, I offered my votes, which would be added to the votes of the other judges.

I have been on the other end of this process too. I have been the writer submitting work to contests, winning few and losing many. That’s why I so meticulously read and analyzed each poem—because I would want any judge in a writing contest to do the same for me.

January 15, Marc and Ava announced the winners:

The 2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry goes to Terry Severhill for “Beneath the Shadow of the Sun”. An honorable mention goes to Emily Vieweg for “Shadows”. Thanks to all the storytellers who were a part of this event.

Both pieces will appear in the March 1st 2016 issue of Art Young’s Good Morning.

Congratulations to Terry and Emily, and thanks to those who allowed me to read their wonderful poetry submissions.


Cincinnati Men, L. N. Holmes, writing, Good Morning, flash fictionHello readers, writers, colleagues, and friends! Want some flash fiction to read? Don’t worry, there’s pictures!

Marc and Ava, editors of Garbanzo Literary Journal, recently asked me if they could publish “Cincinnati Men” in their first revived issue of Good Morning. Good Morning is a “political/humor/satire/lit magazine” first founded by the radical cartoonist, Art Young. I’d encourage you to learn about the history of this publication and its founder—and also about the newly revived version.

You can read “Cincinnati Men” and all the other good stuff within issue one of the magazine in digital and in print. Please support this exciting new venture if you can! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading.