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Artist Interview: John Holcroft

L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
John Holcroft: “Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK”

John Holcroft, passport, copyrighted,

Copyright John Holcroft

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
John Holcroft: “Illustrator”

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Artist Interview: Yenthlyn Harmon

Yenthlyn Harmon Copyright Yenthlyn Harmon.

Yenthlyn Harmon
Copyright Yenthlyn Harmon.

L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
Yenthlyn Harmon: “Originally I’m from Oak Grove, KY. It’s a super small city near an Air Force Base.”

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
Yenthlyn Harmon: “I’m actually trying to start my own business selling hand-sculpted jewelry and art. So basically, I’m a self-employed artist at this point. I’ve found I’m much happier working for myself because I know what I want, you know?”

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About L. N. Holmes

L. N. Holmes, author, writer, editor, Nicole Gentles, autumn, Salem College

L. N. Holmes (Photo by Nicole Gentles.)

LeeAnn (Holmes) Adams writes under the pseudonym, L. N. Holmes. She is the author of Space, Collisions, a micro-chapbook published by Ghost City Press. Her fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction have appeared in literary journals and magazines such as Newfound, Barren Magazine, Crack the SpineVestal Review, and F(r)iction, among others.

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LeeAnn graduated from Salem College in 2013 and received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with minors in English and History. Later she attended Creighton University as a half-fellow and received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in 2017.

In 2012, LeeAnn was honored with the Katherine B. Rondthaler Award for Poetry. In 2013, she received the Salem College President’s Prize for Creative Writing and a first place for nonfiction in a literary journal from the North Carolina College Media Association. In 2016, her poem, “War Song,” was long-listed for the Wisehouse International Poetry Award. In 2018, her flash fiction, “Pheonix Fire Fight,” won the April contest at Apparition Literary Magazine.

A native of Ohio, LeeAnn currently lives in Louisiana. She’s married to her wonderful husband, Collin, and has three furry pets: a dog, Cattleya, and two cats, Rex and Hadassah. She’s also a foster parent and a Christian. If you bring up Dragon Age or Melanie Finn, expect her to fangirl. You can read her writing in various literary magazines, journals, and other print sources.

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