The inaugural issue of Laurel Magazine launched today and it is gorgeous! You can download it here. I hope you’ll take the time to check out all of the beautiful things this issue has to offer. My thanks to the awesome team of editors that collected all of these shining gems into one place.


When I woke up this morning, I checked my email and found an acceptance letter for two of my flash fiction stories! The wonderful team at Laurel Magazine has offered a home for both “Disembodied” and “Overabundance.” I’m grateful to be part of the Laurel Family. You will be able to read “Disembodied” in the inaugural issue (tentatively releasing this month) and “Overabundance” in the second issue (likely in July). I hope you check them out and—as always—thanks for reading!

I’m elated to announce that “Predator,” my flash fiction story, has been accepted for publication at Varnish Journal. The piece will appear in Issue #2, likely in January. Please check it out if you have time. And thanks for reading if you do! Also, a big thank you to the editors, Nathan Elias and Alexi Milano, for this opportunity.