Writing Update: Where I am Now

Dear friends, it has been quite some time since I wrote to you. Much has changed since I last posted content on my blog. I am sure this is true for you as well, considering all we have experienced these past few tumultuous years. Some of the challenges I faced in 2019 and 2020: moving from Nebraska to Louisiana, waiting in incertitude during my mother’s heart surgery, participating in genetic testing for a rare heart condition, becoming a foster parent, [all of us say together] navigating the pandemic, being a foster parent during the pandemic, losing more than one opportunity to adopt children, and many other difficult things.

Some of these challenges brought about silver linings during a dark time in my life. I’m living in a place that is more comfortable. I know more about my health and my family’s health. I’ve had the joy of meeting and caring for five unique and precious souls within the foster care system. I’ve learned more about myself, my limits, and my desires. Most importantly, I’ve grown much closer to God.

One of the best things that came out of these bitter years: the first draft of my novel. The Floating Castle (the latest working title for the book) is an epic fantasy novel about three women—a dame, a princess, and a witch—working together to escape an evil prince bent on starting a war. I’m currently revising it and am looking forward to sending it out to beta readers.

The first working title for The Floating Castle was The Princess Snatcher.

This long and arduous journey to a novel spanned nearly two years. In the interim I have intentionally ceased writing short stories for the sake of focusing on my book. I have continued to read, but not as voraciously as I used to. Much of my time is now devoted to foster parenting and revising my novel.

While one book is in the process of creation, another is coming to an end. This March, Space, Collisions will officially be out-of-print. If you’d like to buy a copy (or ten) before that happens, please place orders through your favorite online book stores by February 28, 2021. Afterward, only digital copies will be available through Ghost City Press. You may also receive a signed copy of the chapbook by requesting one through my contact form on my “About” page.

Buy Space, Collisions through your favorite online retailers while supplies last. (Cover Art by Jennifer Potter)

As we continue to weather this pandemic, I am confident writing and reading can bring us together in unity once again. What books have brought you hope during these difficult times? Feel free to comment below and continue the conversation. To those of you continuing with me on this long journey, I thank you. Stay safe out there.

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