Quick Reads (March 2018)

Here is the list of everything short I read this past month. Please remember: this list is not necessarily meant to act as a review, a show of favor, or a “best of” list. Feel free to share your own findings in the comments!

The Town of Milkcarton Kids” by Ali Rachel Pearl (Redivider)

No Girls Allowed” by Anna Valente (Fairy Tale Review)

Raw Materials” by c.a. schaefer (Superstition Review)

Forty-Five Feet” by Joshua Jones (Split Lip Magazine)

Girl in Dog House” by Carol Guess and Aimee Parkison (New Delta Review)

Red City” by Ashley Kunsa (Sycamore Review)

Rattle and Spin” by Jeanette Sheppard (Bare Fiction)

Investigations on the Theft of Heaven” by Abhishek Sengupta (Outlook Springs)

TOMWABFAM” by Matt Tompkins (Puerto del Sol)

The Ones Who Chose the Rain” by George Edwards Murray (Daily Science Fiction)

Everything Red” by Emily Lackey (Monkeybicycle)
[Note: I met Emily at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts during her residency there.]

Alien Love” by Jennifer Lynn Christie (Atticus Review)
[Note: I read this on the 2017 Best of the Net website.]

Rut” by Maria McLeod (The Journal)

Swayze” by Natalia Hero (The /tƐmz/ Review)

What Strangers Do” by Christopher Allen ([PANK])

A Priest of Vast and Distant Places” by Cassandra Khaw (Apex Magazine)


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