Chauffeuring Erin Bow: An Evening of Poetry and Killer Robots

Erin Noteboom Bow, L. N. Holmes, writing, reading, poetry, science fiction, fantasy, YA, young adult, memoir, science, books, novelsOn Tuesday, I had the privilege to meet Erin Bow—poet and novelist extraordinaire—and drive her to her reading at Creighton University. She brought along her mom—a classy lady—and talked to me about post-apocalyptic fiction. She was really fun to chat with.

Bow read science poetry and young adult fiction to us in the Harper Center. I really enjoyed her poetry, which wasn’t riddled with ambiguity like many modern poems. It was beautiful and moving. Her prose was exciting and—using her words—snarky. I enjoyed it so much, I bought two of her books: The Scorpion Rules and Sorrow’s Knot.

As a Creighton alumna, she had many friends come out to support her and listen to her read. In between the excerpts, Bow made us laugh and fed us science facts. Afterward she patiently answered our questions about writing and her own writing process. It was a fantastic evening.

Erin (Noteboom) Bow is the author of Plain Kate, Sorrow’s Knot, and The Scorpion Rules. Under her maiden name she has written books of poetry—Seal Up the Thunder and Ghost Maps: Poems for Carl Hruska—and a memoir, The Mongoose Diaries. She’s a physicist and an award winning writer. Bow lives in Canada with her husband and two daughters.


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