A Tremendously Positive Experience with a Literary Journal

If you don’t know Marc Moorash and Ava Dawn Heydt (a.k.a. Mr & Mrs Garbanzo) then you are missing out. They are some of the kindest, quirkiest, professional-and-yet-fun editors in the literary world. Together they run the fantastic, quirky, artistic Garbanzo Literary Journal.

Garbanzo Literary Journal, submissions, lit journal, fun, print

Art by Mrs. Garbanzo

I had the best experience working with the editors. They didn’t charge a reading fee. They agreed to publish one of my submissions. They updated the writers regularly on the process. They responded to my few questions. Finally, I received a complimentary print copy of the journal plus a kind letter and a package of garbanzo beans!

Old Betsy's Obituary, writing, reading, Garbanzo Literary Journal

My work, “Old Betsy’s Obituary,” written under my pen name L. N. Holmes, was featured in section three.

To say it was the best experience I’ve ever had at a literary journal would be a gross understatement. Mr & Mrs Garbanzo run a great operation together. I thank them for the chance to be featured in their publication.

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