Weekend Writing: The Great Big Misunderstanding

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Graffiti artists are probably some of the most misunderstood people on the planet. Are they artists or vandals? Like the graffiti artist, there is always that person who can’t seem to catch a break. The woman who spills coffee all over her white blouse on the train before a big meeting. The elderly man who gets nearly run over by a bunch of lively kids, which agitates his old war wound. The single mother who can’t find a job because she has kids. The clumsy guy who trips at least once anytime he walks somewhere. You may know a person that always seems to get the bad end of the deal or you may even be that person. That is this week’s challenge. Are you up to it?

Challenge: The Great Big Misunderstanding

Word count: 4,000 words or less
Genre (choose one): flash fiction, poem, short story, essay, song, a scene from a film script or play, etc.
Due date: next Friday*
Prompt: Work on building conflict in this story. Start with a character that can’t seem to catch a break. Write about a day that keeps getting worse. At the climax of your story, show us what the “great big misunderstanding” is and how it affects your character. Then, give your character the break they need.

*If you want to share your writing with us, link your work to A Vase of Wildflowers on your blog. Make sure to place the link to your story in the comments of this post so that we can read your writing.

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