National Library Week: What Library Book Are You Reading?

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I hope everyone celebrated National Library Week and showed your appreciation for your local library. But don’t forget about them after this week! If you’re like me, that’s not exactly possible, as book lovers naturally gravitate toward free reads.

This week, I read books for fun and for professional reasons (which was also fun). Currently, I am reading Howard Jacobson‘s novel, J.  I am still not sure about it yet, but there are some intriguing things going on.

That’s another great thing about libraries; you can try out a book for free with no obligations! It’s a great way to discover new authors to love. Make sure to buy their books if you do like them, though. Writers have to eat too.

If you think you’re “not a library person,” I would challenge that notion. The library is one of the few equalizing forces in the world, where everyone despite class, race, gender, sexuality, religion, (fill in the blank) is allowed to have access to knowledge. Libraries also offer numerous services and events outside of the book realm.

So what did you read from your local library this week?



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