Weekend Writing: The Secret Village

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They are everywhere: hidden in the hills, on the plains, in the mountains, on the heaths, upriver and down river. They are not your bustling metropolises. Some of them are lucky to have a single school. They are nestled in forgotten lands. They are rarely tourist attractions. They are the villages of the world. Writing about one of them is this week’s challenge. Are you up to it?

Challenge: The Secret Village

Word count: 4,000 words or less
Genre (choose one): flash fiction, poem, short story, essay, song, a scene from a film script or play, etc.
Due date: next Friday*
Prompt: Write about any secret village somewhere in the world. It can be made up or a real village. Show us why it is unique. Tells us about the people. What’s it like to live there? Write down your discoveries as an outsider observing the village.

*If you want to share your writing with us, link your work to A Vase of Wildflowers on your blog. Make sure to place the link to your story in the comments of this post so that we can click on it and read your writing.

The previous challenge: THE CHERISHED OBJECT


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