LTAB Great Plains Semi-Finals: Volunteering with Nebraska Writer’s Collective

LTAB, Louder Than a Bomb Great Plains, Joslyn Art Museum, poetry, poetry slam, young poets

I had the privilege to watch some amazing young poets from the Great Plains compete in a poetry slam known as Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB). I signed up to volunteer for this event with the Nebraska Writer’s Collective—the fantastic organization that runs the program. Walking into the Joslyn Art Museum, I was expecting to do some menial (but important and necessary) task, like handing out information fliers or moving around stage equipment. By some wonderful twist of magical poetry fun, Executive Director Matt Mason instead made me a judge for the night.

To say it was a blast would be quite the understatement. These young poets had so much talent. They covered a wide range of topics from women’s rights, to high school dances, to family dynamics, to apple sauce. With one poem I was crying with laughter, with the next I was shaken to my core.

I cannot accurately express the importance of these events. It is something a person has to see and hear for themselves. Young people are expressing their thoughts in powerful and healthy ways that allow them to connect to the world. It’s impressive, it’s delightful, and it’s something you should support and experience.

“Louder Than a Bomb Great Plains 2015 – Semifinal Bout 3 Livestream” (from last night, first poet starts 14 minutes in)



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