Novel Research: Mermaid Mythology and Siren Song

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Whether fiction or nonfiction, literary or genre, something that consistently creeps into literature is that of mythology. Many, even the most scientifically-minded in our society, have a fascination with the epic stories of civilizations from humanity’s past. For some, the mystery behind the story, and unraveling that mystery, is enough to drive the interest. Others appreciate the story as is, without trying to discredit it, allowing for a certain immersion into the tale that some cannot obtain. Still others attempt to find symbolism or implied meanings that allowed for some exertion of power or influence over the people of the past.

For obvious reasons, stories of the past make for good story fodder in the present. I’ve been casually researching mythology and the origins of said mythology for a while now. I’ve come across an interesting article on KnowledgeNuts that I enjoy more for the ideas that it gives me rather than the *credibility of the source material (*I’m not saying it’s not credible, I’ve just not researched it thoroughly). According to the article there is a distinct difference between mermaids and sirens (something I believed anyway), but their identities have merged into a single creature over time from varying mythological retellings. It’s interesting stuff if you like the mystery of mermaids and the seductive song of the siren.


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