The Monday Post: Links for Readers and Writers

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Inspired by a similar type of post found on Electric Literature‘s website, The Monday Post is a collection of articles for writers and readers as well as a sampling of interesting works and publications from across the internet. They may be old links or new links, but they’ll be ones that I find the most interesting or helpful. If there are any particular topics you’d like to read about, please feel free to suggest them in a comment on this post. In addition, each new month will feature a new and interesting quote from an established expert in the literary field.

Writers and readers may find additional links and featured writers in The Monday Post archive. Please follow my blog for writing prompts, commentary, reviews, and more!

How Mirror Characters Can Illustrate Literary Themes” via diyMFA

Zoella’s Clockwork Novels: Fanfiction, Ghostwriters, and the Bizarre, Automated Future of Publishing” via Flavorwire

How to Bring a Nonreader to a Bookstore” via B&N Reads

Listen to Your Doubt-Guts” via The Lascaux Review

Overcoming Judging Books by Their Characters” via Book Riot

Beta Readers and You” via Matthew E Nordin

How to write short stories” via The New Authors Fellowship

NEW GENRES: The Worm in The Apple Tale” via Electric Literature

Arthur Conan Doyle was the victim of a police conspiracy” via The Guardian

Nine Tips for Finishing That Novel” via PowellsBooks.Blog

Enough About Me” via The Atlantic

Featured Writings:


Sand Dollars” by Wendy Fontaine

Lake Lot” by Kelsey Camacho


Step 9” by Nicole Callihan

Paradise” by Brook Edwards


Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu

Down in the Station” by Seth Sawyers

Stone Animals” by Kelly Link


In the Laurels, Caught by Lee Ann Brown

Leave Your Body Behind by Sandra Doller

Literary Magazines and Journals:

So to Speak

Room Magazine

Previous Posts on Mondays to do with Readings and Writings:



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