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Seminar with Writer’s Digest: Marketing Short Fiction

I received an invitation to attend a free seminar from Writer’s Digest after entering the short short fiction competition on the website. The seminar was yesterday and led by the successful and knowledgable Jacob M. Appel.

I found the seminar to be really helpful. It gave me perspective on the industry that I wouldn’t have otherwise gained. One suggestion Appel makes is to be involved in a literary community. I couldn’t agree more with this one. Even if it is something small, plugging yourself into a community is almost always a good thing to do.

Writer’s Digest offers other seminars that one must pay to attend. There are also free advice videos on Writer’s Digest YouTube account that are great.

I would highly recommend reading Appel’s work too. He’s won some significant prizes and has been published over 200 times in literary journals. He was also nice enough to give me a free copy of one of his collections titled Einstein’s Beach House — a pretty cool guy!


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