February Writing Challenges

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The month of February is a month to boost productivity. After the sparkly glitter of new year’s resolutions rubs off, the grueling month of February cold (and somehow romantic love?) is all that is left. Whether you’ve been true to your commitments or slacking off, February is the month of redemption. It’s not too late to start. Thus, I present to thee, a month of writing challenges.

If these spark your interest, then choose your favorite and go for it! As with all challenges where you submit your work, please do your own research into the organizations to see if they are right for you and your writing.

February Writing Challenge at Germ Magazine:

This fun challenge is a visual one. Using a picture, writer’s must create a story based off of what they see. Participants can then submit their work to the magazine for a chance to be featured. Find out more here.

February 2015 Monthly Writing Challenge at fantasy-writers.org

This is a serious challenge (competition, really) with rules and strict deadlines. For fantasy writers, this may be a fun way to gain attention for your writing. Winners are chosen by judges and participants must follow the guidelines to be considered.

From the website:

So your challenge is to write a story about a person who lives wild, either some or all of the time.


Stories may be submitted from 15th February via online story submission under the challenge category “February 2015 Challenge”. The category will be made available at some time on 15th February.

For more details, click here.

The Family History Writing Challenge

This is a potential tool for nonfiction writers. Writers must register for this program so conducting one’s own research on this program is very important. The challenge allows for family history research while cultivating good writing habits. There are more details here.

A Month of Letters Challenge

For something unique, check out this challenge. You write to other people directly for a month. The guidelines are fairly easy to follow and it can provide out-of-the-box writing opportunities. For more details, click here.

Jennifer L. Kelly’s February Writing Challenge

Self-published author, Jennifer L. Kelly is issuing a February writing challenge as well. She is suggesting writers write 1,000 words a day for 28 days. This is around novella length or a good start to a novel. Follow the hashtag #februaryisforwriters on Twitter.

Check it out:


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