Weekend Writing: Local Legend

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In every town there are legends. Whether it be about heroes long past, a criminal’s path of destruction, or something far more arbitrary, each one has something. Does your town have tunnels built under its major constructions, some that were once bridges or used to transport prisoners? Or maybe you live near Clyde Barrow or Bonnie Parker‘s hometowns? What is the local lore in your town or city? That is this week’s challenge. Are you up to it?

Challenge: Local Legend

Word count: 4,000 words or less
Genre: flash fiction, poem, short story, song, scene from film script or play, etc.
Due date: next Friday*
Prompt: Research a nearby town/city or your own hometown for the local lore. Are there differing accounts? How have people explained the phenomena in the past? Have the legends influenced anything else (the name of a local restaurant, a monument, a famous person)? Is the legend well known today or is it mostly forgotten in present times? Does the legend stem from a particular site, one that you can visit? Write about your findings.

*Link your writing to A Vase of Wildflowers on your blog and make sure to place the link to your story in the comments of this post.

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