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Weekend Writing: Music as Your Muse

[Photo: “Music listener” by Kashirin Nickolai]

I’m a visual learner, so I often use photographs as inspiration for writing. Occasionally, however, I’ll listen to a composition by a band or singer that makes me vividly image a scene or a story in my mind. Music is a powerful tool. Like all art, it can inspire. That is this week’s challenge, are you up to it?

Challenge: Music as Your Muse

Word count: 4,000 words or less
Genre: flash fiction, poem, short story, song, scene from film or play, etc.
Due date: next Friday*
Prompt: Listen to any music readily available to you. It doesn’t matter if it is the latest pop song, an interesting rap, a classical composition, a rock ballad, or an old country favorite. Play the song once and just listen to it. What do you envision when you hear the music? Someone crossing the sea toward an unknown land? The frolicking of forest animals in the morning light? Maybe a chase scene of an alleged murderer? Play the song one more time and write down what you’re imagining.

*Link your writing to A Vase of Wildflowers on your blog and make sure to place the link to your story in the comments of this post.

Some ideas if you need some:

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3 comments on “Weekend Writing: Music as Your Muse

  1. mreedmccall
    January 26, 2015

    I can’t effectively write (and often brainstorm) without music. Sometimes a single song will inspire an entire scene. That happened when I was writing Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven…until I heard a specific song and the scene flashed into my mind, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish the characterization element I wanted to develop. After that it just flowed.

    Music can be magical! I may need to write a whole blog post about this…so thank YOU for the inspiration. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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