On Feeling Terrible and Trying to Write

writing, exhausted, keep going, back to school © Michael Jastremski at Creative Commons
back to school © Michael Jastremski

So the past couple of days I’ve felt really exhausted and have pushed myself to keep writing. I’ve written a bunch of terrible stuff as a result. All the experts in the field tell you to write even if it is nothing pretty to look at — and I see their point. The time when it is the hardest to write is the time you should still be writing.

The literary world is a no excuses industry, rarely forgiving, and incredibly competitive. We have to push ourselves to become the best we can be. Over this week, when I was too strained to continue writing, I researched literary magazines. When the words began to blur on the computer screen, I listened to a podcast about publication advice. I didn’t let myself give up and neither should you.

It’s because of this that I’ve written one good thing: a flash story titled “Haunting the Ruins.” So keep tapping (or scratching) out those words, writer friends. I believe in your potential if you believe in your potential.


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