Christmas Books for Everyone’s Fancy A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Page Pulp

[Image source: Page Pulp]

Are you looking for some holiday reads? This list will cover Christmas books, although there are some really cool Chanukah and Kwanza books out there and I would be happy to give suggestions for those as well. For now, here are the Christmas books.

The Bible

This book is the most obvious and, yet, sometimes the most often overlooked. Christmas is a religious holiday, after all, and where better to find the original story than in the sacred text? You can go old school and read from the King James version. If you’re really blessed, you can look at (and maybe read) some of the copies of the original manuscripts in museums in the languages of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. There are also new and modern translations available (of which I would recommend the New International Version). If you want to read the story of the birth of Jesus, try the books of Matthew and Luke in the New Testament.

Other books about Christmas:

Family Games by Jean Stubbs

Christmas Jars by Jason Wright

The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon and illustrated by Jill Weber

Christmas Lights by Christine Pisera Naman

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

The Night before Christmas by Jan Brett

Also, don’t forget to check out very short holiday stories on Brevity‘s blog during the Holiday Smile Contest.


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