A Vase of Wildflowers

I'm a writer because I have stage fright.

The Believable Fantasy

[Art by Neral (Matěj Čadil)]

Dragon Age Inquisition has my mind reeling with thoughts for a new book. As I am trying to finish up my other books first, I am restraining myself for now. Yet I can’t help but want to take on the challenge of the fantasy genre. For now I am writing down notes, but I’d love your thoughts.

Fantasy is a challenging genre that spawns fandom and debate of all kinds. The world has to be believable, which means a rich history and opposing powers.

Think of the fantasy stories you’ve read. What made them work? C. S. Lewis suggests you must “generalize while remaining concrete.” George R. R. Martin argues that you shouldn’t ignore religion. Ursula K. Le Guin argues the world of fantasy is not set in the Middle Ages.

But what about you? What makes you pick up or set down a fantasy book? What would you like to see occur more in fantasy? What would you like to appear in a fantasy land for the first time?


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