YA Book Vloggers That Make Being a Nerd (Kinda) Cool

Epic Reads Book Nerd of the Year nominees, The Book Shimmy Awards
Epic Reads Book Nerd of the Year nominees

Okay, so personally, as a book nerd, I’ve always found myself to be pretty cool. My sister would tell you otherwise, bless her soul. As much as I love my sister (which by the way, I love her A LOT), I feel that labels are versatile things and may be positive or negative depending on how the person feels about said label.

The definition of nerd by me:

“A person who loves books and knows an astounding amount of things about books, writing, and reading. This said person is also vastly misunderstood and highly valuable to the artistic field of literature.”

The definition of nerd by Merriam-Webster:

“1) a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc.”

Obviously I need to work in the editing department for Merriam-Webster.

Anyway, forget labels and be who you are.

If you’re a young adult (YA) book lover, then you’re not alone.

After the announcement of The *Book Shimmy* Award winners on Epic Reads, I’ve decided to make a post about great YA book vloggers and bloggers out there. All of the ones that made the official nominees page are on here as well as a few others I’ve found through research. Subscribe to their channels or follow them and learn more about your favorite books!

The Top Nerd:

The winner of the Book Nerd of the Year award, by popular vote, was Christine Riccio.

Christine is not just a book vlogger. She has a degree in film and television from Boston University. She’s also a self-proclaimed comedian. She’s created her own brands. She is what every vlogger, blogger, tumblr-er dreams of being–followed by a great many people.

For her Book Talk channel, click here.

Other Leaders of the Nerd Pack:

The other official nominees for Book Nerd of the Year in order of appearance are:

Kat O’Keeffe


Wendy Darling


Jamie M.



My picks and findings from the YA world and beyond:


Natasha Polis

Christina Marie

Nereyda Gonzalez


Noël Books

Fierce Reads

And don’t forget Epic Reads

There’s also my blog, A Vase of Wildflowers.

Hey, I blog about books too.

Other things I also blog about include writing, short stories, poetry, events, artist interviews, publishing industry news, and my own writing triumphs.

Please follow me. 🙂


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