Weekend Writing: Red Friday

Photo copyright Rina Laxa/miszpinay
Photo copyright Rina Laxa/miszpinay

[Photo copyright Rina Laxa/miszpinay]

Black Friday, according to my father, is named for the increased influx of money that puts businesses in the black during this time of year. What if no one wanted to shop that day? What if “amazing deals” and “incredible prices” were not enough to get customers to show up? That is this week’s prompt. Are you up for the challenge?

Challenge: Red Friday

  • Word count: 4,000 words or less
  • Genre: flash fiction, poem, short story, song, scene from film script or play, etc.
  • Due date: next Friday*
  • Prompt: Write a narrative from the perspective of a seasonal hire working in the toy department of a retail chain store in a mall on Black Friday. Let the store be completely empty except for the employees. Outside, the parking lot of the mall should be empty except for the cars owned by the employees. Whether the reason is known for the absence of customers is up to you. Tell us what the character is feeling and how they keep busy.

*Link your writing to A Vase of Wildflowers on your blog and make sure to place the link to your story in the comments of this post.

Last week’s challenge: FOLKLORE FANCY

Other writing prompts:



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