Book Review: In the Meantime

Cover art copyright Mel.Ryon Photography and Designs, In the Meantime, Rowena Carenen, poems, poetry collection, book
Cover art copyright Mel.Ryon Photography and Designs

In the Meantime is a collection of poems written by Rowena Carenen and published by Neverland Publishing. Many of the poems are free verse, although there are a few that stick to a form. The subjects cover everything from the loss of cherished family members and friends, to romantic and family love, to personal trauma and triumph.

Carenen’s style is raw and real. She does not mince words and yet there are hints of southern comfort in them. There are moments of the everyday as well as moments of personal growth.

There are several reoccurring themes and motifs present in Carenen’s literature. One of the themes is that comfort is valued, desired, and preferable to stiff societal standards and expectations. A few of the motifs are the American military, children, and food.

Some of my favorite poems for various reasons include “Sundress Instead of Suit,” “Toothache, a Love Poem,” “Date Night Redefined,” “This is not my grandfather,” and “Are Babies Contagious?” There is a sense of longing, but there are also signs of personal strength.

Carenen’s works have been published in The Revenant Culture and GERM among others. She is a graduate of Salem College and the University of Southern Mississippi and started her own business as The Book Concierge.

For more information about Carenen’s career as a poet, click here.

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