Literary Magazines Seeking Submissions

So there are many literary magazines out there that need your submissions and I am going to highlight two that have caught my attention on Twitter. Please do your own research before submitting to any literary magazine, including the ones below. Most magazines do not charge for submissions unless it is for a contest or they may have a small fee for technical maintenance costs. Be cautious and submit your writing to places that are legitimate.

Ginosko Literary Journal

This literary journal is a semiannual publication. Works are published in an online journal (pdf file) that is free to read. Authors retain copyrights and can submit via postal mail, email, or Submittable. The journal also hosts a flash fiction contest and features books, art, and music.

Latest magazine publication: Issue 15

Bide Magazine

This literary magazine publishes twice a year in digital and print. Authors may have the opportunity to be published online even if they are not featured in the print magazine. The magazine accepts multiple genres but prefers brief tales. Authors are paid if accepted.

Latest magazine publication: Summer 2013

Other advice and ideas:

Writing Advice

Writing Prompts


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