Artist Interview: Tom Noblett

Copyright Tom Noblett/Tomino Pictures

Tom Noblett
Copyright Tom Noblett/Tomino Pictures

(All videos copyright Tomino Pictures and associates)

L. N. Holmes: “Where is your hometown?”
Tom Noblett: “Hi! I’m from England. My hometown is St Helens which is close to Liverpool.”

L. N. Holmes: “What is your chosen artistic profession?”
Tom Noblett: “My chosen artistic profession is filmmaking.”

L. N. Holmes: “Why did you choose to become a filmmaker?”
Tom Noblett: “I chose to become a filmmaker for a whole host of reasons. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to be involved in something creative. I find it quite easy to think of ideas and then translate them into a script or a short story. The medium of film as a means of communication is something that I also like. I’ve got a lot of things to say and I feel most comfortable using films to express my thoughts.”

L. N. Holmes: “What messages do you try to convey through your work?”
Tom Noblett: “I try to keep elements of realism and interesting characters in my work. I am not one of those people who will outright make something which is totally realistic. I do like incorporating normality into my work though. That being said, I love outlandish films. Films which explore things which aren’t realistic in the slightest, and one day I will explore that avenue too.”

L. N. Holmes: “Which of your films had the most significant impact on your viewers? Why?”
Tom Noblett: “Anxiety: The Motion Picture has had an overwhelming amount of buzz around it. People have commented on the video on Youtube and sent me emails regarding how much it has touched them and resonated with them and their personal experiences with anxiety. I think what people love about it is that it is simply four actors representing four people expressing their experiences. It’s a film which was intentionally made to make people listen.”

Anxiety:The Motion Picture
(Directed by Tom Noblett and Joe Woodhead)

L. N. Holmes: “What actors/actresses have you worked with and how have they impacted your work?”
Tom Noblett: “I’ve worked with a quite a lot of actors. The one I’ve worked with the most is Edward Hall. I’ve found him to be a very diverse actor. I don’t just cast him because we have a good rapport. I cast him because I feel that he suits each role. Each character he has played for me has been totally different. I wouldn’t feel right casting someone as a similar character more than once. I like to challenge actors and bring out something they haven’t shown before.

“The other actors I’ve only worked with once. Each one, I have enjoyed working with because they are committed to producing a good final outcome.

“Rather than speaking about each one individually, I’ll say that they have all impacted my work because they have all worked hard in making sure each film is solid, and communicates what is required.”

L. N. Holmes: “Has your work been featured at film festivals?”
Tom Noblett: “My work hasn’t been featured at any festivals. I am toying around with some ideas for a more festival friendly film though.”

L. N. Holmes: “Is your work available for purchase? Where can we view your work?”
Tom Noblett: “My work is free to watch on my YouTube channel.”

L. N. Holmes: “How do you support other artists?”
Tom Noblett: “I have friends who also make films, and from time to time I will give them a hand with their work. I have acted in the past, but I feel I am much better behind the camera than in front of it!”

L. N. Holmes: “What’s your biggest complaint about the film industry?”
Tom Noblett: “That people rely too much on reviews and on blockbusters rather than taking a chance and seeing something which is potentially better, even if it doesn’t make as much money as something that does.”

L. N. Holmes: “What/who inspires you?”
Tom Noblett: “What inspires me is unique and original films. Films which are daring and that take you on a journey. Films which have great dialogue which doesn’t purely exist to drive the plot forwards.

“Directors that inspire me include; Scorsese, Edgar Wright, Fincher, Duncan Jones, Refn, Spielberg, Coen Brothers, Gunn, Tarantino. There’s so many!”

L. N. Holmes: “What would you recommend to others attempting to become professional directors and filmmakers?”
Tom Noblett: “Well I am still a student of film, and I always will be. I think what is most important is to network, find people who are passionate about the same artistic medium as you and make films! Kickstarter and Indiegogo exist now, and I think that that is the future for people who are starting out in the industry. I worked in a crew for a Kickstarter funded sci-fi feature film called Audax earlier this year for example. Make films and promote them, take them to festivals. That’s my plan anyway.”

L. N. Holmes: “Name a few of your favorite books and why they are your favorites.”
Tom Noblett: “I think my favourite book is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It’s about an old man who receives a letter from an old friend, and who can’t bring himself to post his letter of response. This ends up taking him from one end of the UK to the other. It’s a simple concept which is executed extremely well.

“I also love The Great Gatsby. Who doesn’t?”

L. N. Holmes: “Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?”
Tom Noblett: “Don’t compromise. See set backs as opportunities.”

To contact Tom to collaborate on a project — or for questions, comments, or praise — please click here.

The Lame Shall Enter First
(Produced by Tom Noblett)

Sweet Like Chigurh
(Directed by Tom Noblett)

“The New Thoreaus” by Law of the Land (Music Video)
(Directed by Tom Noblett)

The Mascot of the North
(Directed and Produced by Tom Noblett)


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