Back to the Daily Grind: Goals, Mail, Coffee (Not in that Order)

Copyright LeeAnn Adams (L. N. Holmes)
It's still a long road ahead. Copyright LeeAnn Adams (L. N. Holmes)

I would like to be a light to others in many ways. A light illuminates one’s surroundings, provides a bit of warmth, and can enable one to move forward with confidence. As I travel through the unknown territory of the literary world, I hope to create a small path for those behind me that will make their own journeys — if only for a moment — a bit easier.

That’s why I am setting some concrete goals today. I have to stay focused. We have a running joke that the women of my mom’s side of the family are obsessed with lists. But the editing process is pretty slow, unfortunately, so I need to set some deadlines. So here is what I have so far.

SHORT TERM GOALS (or today goals):

  • Drink some coffee (check)
  • Mail out “Skull Bandit Rebellion” flash fiction submissions
  • Get a library card, check out literary magazines if available
  • Edit my novel until 4 o’clock
  • Work on another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig
  • More industry research
  • Send out emails


  • UPCOMING DEADLINE: Edit 50 pages of my novel by October 31
  • Begin second draft of poem “War Song Sounds Like…”
  • Begin second draft of “Independence Day”
  • Begin new novel November 1

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