Is Young Adult fiction relevant to Adults?

I read a decent article in The Atlantic today about why Young Adult fiction is important and relevant for adults. Any thoughts?

Click here for the article:

“The Adult Lessons of YA Fiction” – The Atlantic



  1. As someone who generally writes YA, I was always afraid to tell people that I write that genre, because I thought they would look down on it, as I am no longer really in the “YA demo” (is 22? who cares!). But honestly, it’s what I like, and I don’t care if writing it or reading it (which I also love) is looked down upon. I think when people look down on YA, it is because they like to be snobbish about their literature (and I know one of those people). And just because a YA book has a character who is in their teens, that doesn’t mean that we can’t ALL learn from them.

    Sorry, I’m just a bit passionate about this topic 🙂

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    • Lauren,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I think you are correct that we can learn important lessons from characters of different ages. To downplay a character because of age can be considered ageism — a type of “prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.” I think I can learn a lot from child characters, elderly characters, middle-aged characters, teenage characters, etc. I don’t like to limit myself in what I read. Discovering new voices and new ideas create a lot of enjoyment for readers!

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  2. I enjoy reading YA…of course I also work with teens every day in my “day” job as a HS English teacher. It’s a wonderful, volatile, extreme time of life, and it’s all part of the same spectrum of emotion we find in adult novels. I think…sometimes just ramped up a little. 😉

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