Coffee Chat: A Writing Prompt


A mug I considered buying for my husband.

Yesterday, I met a new friend for coffee to chat and catch up. We didn’t have much time, as we both had busy schedules, but it felt good to focus on the important things in life for a while. During the conversation, I kept having to force myself not to reach for my phone. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested in what she was talking about — on the contrary, it was because I wanted to look up the topics she brought up. But out of respect for her, I kept forcing myself to stop. This gave me an idea for a writing prompt.

Writing Prompt

Imagine there are two people at a restaurant talking. Take the perspective of the character that is being rude and fiddling with their phone. Add the intervention of the waiter/waitress at some point in the piece. The reason why this person intervenes is up to you. Try to include the description of the restaurant in the conversation. Make sure to give the restaurant at least one unusual object. Focus on the relationship between the original two characters.



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