Causes, Cares, and Charities: Upcycling


This one is for the upcycling enthusiasts who are also preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

As much as I love art, there are many other things I enjoy. One of my newest passions is upcycling. Along with preventing more waste from entering our mountain-like landfills, I am creating an item I can reuse for everyday needs without having to go out and buy it.

I am not yet proficient at converting trash into treasure. I would caution all beginners to use common sense when upcycling to prevent unwanted outcomes (i.e. injury and accidental poisoning). However, I think it is a worthy thing to do, even at the simplest level. You are helping the environment by preventing glass, plastic, and other things that don’t biodegrade well from going into the ground.

Below are some upcycling ideas I found for glass.

Spaghetti Jars (click here for olive oil infusion safety tips)
Pinterest DIY Glass Bottles and Jars
All types of glass


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