The Remnants of Summer: A Writing Prompt


I cannot help but feel a sense of nostalgia and sadness when summer begins to meld with autumn. I try to look to the trees as they change their leaves in dramatic fashion instead of the flowers dying in their beds. The chilly weather is not a welcome long-term guest. The only thing that pulls me through this season toward the inevitable demise of winter is the availability of apples and pumpkins.

Here is a writing prompt for those who love summer as much as I do.

Writing Prompt

Write about a day in summer that is affecting you during the season of autumn. Try to use sensory details from both seasons as a tool to elaborate about what you are feeling.



  1. I love the summer and all the opportunities that it affords me to get out-of-doors and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. Autumn to me is also wonderful, in that it is a time of calm and the wonderful smell of the woods after the leaves have fallen. I also loved as a child, running through the leaves and seeing the beauty of a field after the soybeans and corn have been harvested. They look so smooth and rich with the promise of the new season to come.

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  2. Remnants of Summer From the Eastern Shore of Va:

    Endless fields of now barren tomato plants…vines once luscious and bountiful now crisp and brittle…

    Smells of leftover harvest now slowly, rotting with the sickening aroma of something that was once sweet…

    A population explosion of fruit flys now descends upon the fields… trying to make the most of the remaining bounty before it returns to Earth

    While the gut reactions from this natural cycle evoke feelings of disgust and annoyance at first glance…

    When looked at from a distance (preferably up wind) it is really a beautiful act of nature signaling the end of a season and the beginning of another…

    The bounty of summer may be coming to a close but just like the mythical Phoenix…

    New life will be reborn again from the ashes or in this case…the remaining nutrients returning to the soil

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