Early Career Publications


From left: Me, Shelby Wilson (co-editor of Incunabula), Professor Aimee Mepham (advisor for Incunabula)

It wasn’t until my junior year of college that my work was published for the first time. I remember receiving the notification that three of my pieces had been accepted into the Salem College art magazine, Incunabula. Despite the respect Incunabula has garnered within the Salem community and beyond, I knew my publication would be considered a small step. This did not deter my excitement. For the first time, my writing would be in print and would be read by followers of the magazine. It was an honor and I knew it would lead to bigger and better things.

Since then my work was published again in Incunabula, on a corporate blog, in a newspaper, and in a quarterly lifestyle magazine for southern Ohio. Each time my work was featured I knew I was drawing closer to my goals. I wanted to publish a book and I wanted others to take me seriously as a writer.

So I would like to take a moment to reflect on how far I have come before I look to the future. I am grateful to each and every editor that believed in my work. I am grateful to my fellow writers who continue to provide support. I am grateful for the writing program at Salem College that allowed me to jumpstart my career and have the courage to do my own research into the industry. I am grateful to those who read my work. Finally, I am grateful for the God I worship for intervening when I needed it most and for my friends and family who believed in me from the beginning.

Please find bellow a few samples of my work:

Salt Magazine (pages 30-33):
A feature on Young’s Jersey Dairy

Wilmington News Journal:
A feature on Tyler Viars, MasterChef competitor
Coverage of the 2014 Wilmington College Food Symposium
Post coverage of the annual Walk for Life event
Coverage of a new Well Armed Woman chapter
Coverage of Books ‘N’ More promoting literacy for World Book Night

A blog post on the history of Carnival


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