5 Websites for Writers

Here is a short list of websites that may be of some help to anyone trying to write for a living:

Poets & Writers
The big headliner is, of course, Poets & Writers. The company has earned a reputation of being a fantastic source for those wielding the pen. Along with an exhaustive set of tools available (jobs, literary agent listings, MFA information, etc.), Poets & Writers also offers ways to connect with other industry professionals. Detailed information on specific topics is available in the Poets & Writers Magazine.

Grammarly is famous for their grammar checker, but they also have some other tools available. The site offers a plagiarism checker and a blog catering to writers.

Association of Writers and Writing Programs
Famous for the AWP conference, this group has been helping writers for years. The website offers tools for writing programs, careers, contests, and events. They also publish a magazine titled the Writer’s Chronicle that provides news and information for many industry professionals.

The Creative Penn
While I find this site to be a genius, self-serving marketing tool for Joanna Penn, there are undeniably some good writing tools here. Penn offers a peek into the self-publishing industry. She is also a social media giant and public speaker with a significant following. Along with numerous free sources, she has books about the industry available for purchase.

Writers Helping Writers
Formerly The Bookshelf Muse, Writers Helping Writers is a great online source for webinars and workshops, unique tools, and other resources.



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